econnect on Tour – 2016

How to do business successfully in the German IT market

Do you want to get a foothold in the German market?

On 22-23 June 2016 eco – the Association of the Internet Industry invites international senior executives to an exclusive 2-day intercultural event to better understand the strongest economic center in Europe, and to meet the top decision-makers in the German Internet industry.

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Take a tour with us through the IT landscape of Cologne and surroundings.

Over the two days, participants will

  • Get an insight into the German IT and Internet industry
  • Visit a range of IT firms in the Cologne area
  • Learn about the way Germans do business, how to function successfully in the German market, and how to network effectively with Germans
  • Culminating in attending the festive eco Gala and Internet Awards Ceremony, where participants can apply what they have learned when they meet and network with more than 400 senior executives from the German Internet Industry, at one of the largest industry events in Germany
  • Get an excellent opportunity to meet potential business partners in a relaxed atmosphere

Topics for the wide variety of workshops and presentations will cover such areas as German Business Culture, Socializing and networking with Germans, The German IT Landscape, Peculiarities of German Law, and Branding for German Consumers.

With insight from German companies in the areas of

  • Data Center Operation, Hosting & Cloud Computing
  • Online Content & Streaming Media
  • Domains & Law
  • Game Development

Participation is only possible by personal invitation.

If you are in a C-level position and would like an invitation to this event, please send an email with your name, company and position to

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econnect on Tour – 2016
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econnect on Tour – 2015
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22.06.2016 - 23.06.2016


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